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In this stage of life, you deserve the home that you want. Custom Homes by Kaye invites you to take a load off your feet and trust the team that will give you the custom features you’ve always dreamed about without the stress of juggling individual contractors and designers on your own. Our Design-Build process cuts out the middleman as we walk your through the exciting journey to a brand new home custom designed for you.

Custom Homes by Kaye

Our process has been tested and refined over the span of many years, resulting in a clearly defined plan that makes design and construction a smooth process. We know you’re eager to see your home come to life, which is why we provide our clients with a clear timeline detailing the roadmap to completion, divided up into 6 steps:

Get ready for an exciting journey! Our first order of business is to sit down with you and imagine the perfect home based on your desires. We dig deep into the brainstorming process, identifying your lifestyle and adapting it into our design along with all of your preferred add-ons and features.

Love to entertain? Anticipate a house full of kids? We take it all into consideration while remaining mindful of your budget, creating your dreaming home without adding unexpected numbers to your expected price tag.

Through a series of brainstorming sessions, we will create a floor plan designed to fit your lifestyle and taste. This plan will be refined between us until we carve out a design that encapsulates the features and ambiance you desire. Once we have a floor plan, we move on to create the elevations, creating a design from the ground up that aligns with your preference.

By the time we reach this second step, your home has taken shape based on your input and our expertise. Our design team has used their extensive knowledge and creative magic to create a cohesive floor plan and elevation design, which you’ll see firsthand in our Plan Review Meeting.

We’ll go over the design in detail, addressing any minor tweaks or changes you may want done prior to finalizing the design.

Get ready for the exciting part of your new home journey! Soon after your Plan Review, we’ll schedule a Color & Design Meeting to bring personality to your home. You can collaborate with our Design Coordinator or we can work directly with your interior designer based on your preference.

The purpose of the Color & Design Meeting is to select the design elements and finishes of your home. Nothing is overlooked, from the style of your tile to the color of your roof. This meeting also serves as an opportunity to request any prices for any personalizations or enhancements you are considering.

Once your Plan Review and Color Design meetings are complete, we will submit your permit to the county. You can kick back and relax while we tackle the legwork. Our Permitting Coordinator will facilitate your plan’s progression throughout the permit process while keeping you in the loop every step of the way.
Finally, all of our brainstorming and planning becomes something tangible! You’ll enjoy watching your home be constructed. With an assigned Field Manager orchestrating the building team, you’ll never have to lift a finger or worry about timing and quality control. We have your back.

Your Field Manager will keep in touch through a series of formal meetings, including the Pre-Start, Pre-Drywall, and New home Orientation that will keep you updated on your home’s progress.

Want more insight? Don’t be shy! You can schedule a time to chat with your Field Manager at any time during this process.

Once your Field Manager completes your home, it’s time for the final touches! Custom Homes by Kaye guarantees quality by double and triple checking our work. You will sign off on a detailed checklist, then customer care will step in to inspect your home again by a representative.

Once they’re satisfied that your home is perfect, you’ll be contacted for the New Home Orientation meeting we mentioned before. This is the day where we introduce you to your completed home for the first time, feasting your eyes upon a dream made into reality.

Shortly thereafter, you’ll experience the final close, and you and your family will begin your next life chapter…

In the comfort of your new home.