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Considering a makeover for your existing home? Whether you are updating your home or preparing for resale, Kaye Homes will be happy to provide consultation and renovation services that will add comfort and value to your home. Looking to upgrade your kitchen and bathrooms, new cabinets, countertops, lighting, ceiling modifications? How about an exterior makeover?

Have you thought about making your home more energy efficient and how you can save money? From minor updates to extreme makeovers and additions, Kaye Homes will personalize your home to fit your family’s most recent needs. Kaye Homes will make your interior remodeling project a smooth and more cost efficient experience. You will consult with our staff to ensure we will be able to reach your desired goals. Our staff will provide peace of mind throughout the entire process. We understand that remodeling your home is an important investment to you and your family and we pledge to make it as comfortable as possible. Call today to reserve your free consultation time. Call Beth at 239-777-7806 or email

Custom Renovation

Custom Renovation – Wyndemere-Amblewood

Custom Renovation – Water Oaks Way